What Can You Do With Google Maps?

Where do You Want To Go?

Our Fantastic Mapped Trip!

Step 1: Find your home town on the map and mark it with a pin. Name it using your first name only and the name of your home town.

Step 2: Search the flickr creative commons archive for a photo of where you were born and embed it in the description of your home town. Include two or three sentences describing your favourite place to show visitors to your home town.

Step 3: Find the place in the world you would most like to visit and mark it with a pin. Include a (cc) photo from flickr, and a brief description of why you want to go there.

Step 4: Search YouTube for a video of the place place you would most like to visit or something you would like to do when there. Include a link to the video in the description for that pin.

Step 5: Draw a line from your home town to the place you'd like to visit. Include a brief description of how you would get from your home town to that special place. If you wish, you can also include a photo or link to a video about your travel plans.